Palm Beach County Ethics

Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics

Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics

Michael S. Kridel - Chair Clevis Headley - Vice Chair Bryan Kummerlen Judy M. Pierman Sarah L. Shullman

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Monthly Meeting - Thursday, January 11, 2018- 1:30 p.m. - Palm Beach County Robert Weisman Governmental Center - 6th floor BCC Chambers

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Article V. Division 8. Sec. 2-260.9 of the Palm Beach Commission on Ethics Ordinance provides that employees, officials, lobbyists and vendors within the jurisdiction of the commission, when in doubt about the applicability or interpretation of the ethics codes and ordinances to himself or herself in a particular instance, may submit the facts of the situation to the COE with a request for an advisory opinion to advise them of the standard of duty, if any, that applies to their situation.  All opinions will be posted to this website following each meeting.